Green and Low-carbon Innovative Practice | Inspur Information Wins First Prize for Typical Case in 2022 Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Action

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To thoroughly implement the decision-making arrangements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, assist central enterprises in achieving the goals of peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, and demonstrate the vanguard and main force role of state-owned enterprises in this regard, the China Dalian Senior Executive Institute of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission organized the collection of typical cases and expert opinions on the action of achieving peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality in 2022. Excellent experience was summarized and promoted in a timely manner.

Inspur Group won the first prize in the "2022 Typical Case of Achieving Peak Carbon Emissions and Carbon Neutrality" with the case of "New Generation of Energy-efficient, High-efficiency, Low-carbon, Optical-magnetic-electric Integrated Intelligent Storage Application System and Scenarios".


Inspur's new generation of energy-efficient, high-efficiency, low-carbon, optical-magnetic-electric integrated intelligent storage application system is based on blue-ray storage media and integrates the performance advantages of electric and magnetic storage media. With data lifecycle management as the core, the data is stored in magnetic and optical disc libraries according to its "hotness". The magnetic disk array is used as the data buffer zone, providing high input/output bandwidth and high scalability, while the optical disc library provides secure and reliable low-energy, long-term storage services. The data can be intelligently migrated between the two according to changes in data "hotness". Through the hybrid storage infrastructure, storage management software, and hierarchical storage algorithm, the system manages data according to its lifecycle, achieving intelligent storage management of hot and cold data.

The new generation of energy-efficient, high-efficiency, low-carbon, optical-magnetic-electric integrated intelligent storage application technology not only utilizes the characteristics of blue-ray disc storage, such as large capacity, long lifespan, low cost, low power consumption, and high security, but also overcomes the drawback of slow storage speed of optical discs. It also combines the advantages of optical and magnetic storage media, achieving longer data storage life, lower data storage costs, higher energy-saving efficiency, and increased data storage security and reliability through the complementary advantages of different storage media. It fully meets the storage requirements of massive data.

Relying on the concept of "data bank" and the strategy of the urban data lake, Inspur has created "dual-carbon" application scenarios based on the "data bank" mode. It has conducted research and integrated industry partners and leading institutions in the industry to build carbon neutrality "data bank" application scenarios and solutions based on relevant data. It provides services for local carbon peak and carbon neutrality decision-making, supports local industries in reducing carbon emissions, and supports and promotes the transaction and integration of carbon quotas and carbon sink data, promoting local early realization of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. The scenario plan is being applied in Fuzhou, Jiangxi, and deepens the construction and application of the "Ecology Cloud" big data platform, builds a digital management system for carbon peak and carbon neutrality in the whole city, and creates a "dual-carbon" smart governance platform, achieving intelligent carbon control for the city.

Inspur persists in product innovation, continuously iterates its technology architecture, builds a green digital infrastructure, promotes the development of the data center industry and enterprise digitization towards safety, low carbon, and sustainability, and contributes to the practice of China's strategy of achieving peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality.