New infrastructure, new elements and new economy | The fourth data lake conference in 2022 was successfully held in the cloud!

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On December 30, the 2022 Fourth Data Lake Conference hosted by China Hualu Group Co., Ltd. and hosted by Beijing Ehualu Information Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the cloud. This data lake conference will last for two days. With the theme of "new infrastructure, new elements and new economy", it will set up a "1+4" theme forum, inviting more than 40 guests to interpret and share the current hot topics. The first day of the main summit directly targeted the new infrastructure of the digital economy, the construction of digital government, the value and marketization of data elements and many other highlights, which caused great attention and response.

PART1 Opening Speech

Yang Yongsheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China Hualu Group Co., Ltd., said in his speech that the new "new infrastructure" is that the new infrastructure supports the future smart society and smart industry; The novelty of "new elements" lies in the fact that new elements can develop independently and integrate with traditional elements; The novelty of the "new economy" is that it not only creates wealth and forms a new growth point of economic development, but also creates wisdom, constantly expands cognitive space and increases ideological dimensions. The prospect of Data Lake is bound to be bright and promising in the construction of Chinese path to modernization!

Li Xin, deputy secretary of the Shijingshan District Party Committee of Beijing Municipality, secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the District Government and head of the District Government, said in his speech that the Shijingshan District Party Committee and the District Government will fully support Hualu Group and Ehualu in anchoring the digital economy and developing the big data industry, and hope that the two sides of the district can give full play to their respective advantages to jointly explore the best path of data transactions, and strengthen exchanges in industrial Internet, intelligent transportation, one-network management, digital culture, and the metauniverse, Promote the implementation of project cooperation through pilot work, jointly promote the high-quality development of Shijingshan District's economy, and also welcome enterprises in the field of digital economy to come to Shijingshan District to jointly draw a new blueprint for the development of regional intelligence and digital industrialization.

Ma Li, president of the China Policy Science Research Association, said that "those who do not seek the overall situation, do not seek a single area", improve the big data infrastructure and data resource system, closely weave the network security and data security barriers, adhere to the equal importance of regulation and security, security and development, encourage and support the innovative application and standardized development of data in various industries and fields, which is the core of the future government's data management and application.

PART2 Summit Speech

The Data Lake Conference has become an important platform for thought exchange and policy dialogue among leading enterprises, high-end think tanks and government departments in the field of big data. Yi Hualu, together with many government units, ecological enterprises and scientific research institutions, has built a complete life-cycle business system of data "collection, storage, governance, use and ease of use", and worked hard to create a closed loop of the whole industrial chain of the digital economy, and jointly opened up a new blue ocean of the digital economy.

At the meeting, Yi Hualu invited Wu Jiangxing, an academician of the CAE Member, an expert in communication and information systems, and director of the National Digital Switching System Engineering Technology Research Center (NDSC), Wang Shuliang, executive director of the E-government Research Institute of Beijing University of Technology, Zhang Xinhong, deputy director of the Informatization Research Department of the National Information Center, Chen Daofu, deputy director and researcher of the Financial Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and professor and doctoral advisor of Tsinghua University, Lu Huapu, director of the Transportation Research Institute of Tsinghua University, and others delivered a keynote speech, giving insights around the endogenous security of digital infrastructure, high-quality construction of digital government, and the power of data, finance, and transportation to promote the development of new infrastructure. They also conducted discussions and exchanges in different fields of business models and development paths to talk about the new digital future.

PART3 keynote speech

At the end of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the State Council issued the Guide for the Construction of the National Integrated Government Big Data System (hereinafter referred to as the Guide). The Guide is not only conducive to creating a new situation in the construction of digital government, but also will promote the formation of big data system in the economic and social fields. As a central enterprise, Yi Hualu insists on serving and integrating into the national industrial layout under the leadership of the Party to ensure the smooth progress of the national strategy. There are many echoes between the data lake strategy and the Guide.

Lin Yongjun, chairman of Ehualu, delivered a speech entitled "Data Lake: Anchoring the Whole Life Cycle Service of Data and Accelerating the Construction of the Nationwide Integrated Government Big Data System", which showed how the data lake can help governments at all levels effectively implement the Guide and how to provide a "China Plan" for the cultivation of a large-scale data element market.

01 Adhere to the concept of the whole life cycle and form a closed-loop effect of the big data industry.

The Guide refers to "full life cycle management" of data in many places. Relying on the operation of the data lake, Ehualu strives to expand the big data industry chain. According to the principle of "low cost convergence, standardized right confirmation, efficient governance, asset transaction, and full scenario application", under the premise of ensuring data security, it forms a complete industrial closed-loop that completely covers the whole life cycle of data element flow and utilization of "collection, storage, governance, use, and ease of use", Drive the improvement of data quality and data application capability with closed loop, promote the data elements from fragmentation and scale to asset and securitization, and finally realize industrialization. With the efforts of Yi Hualu, data productivity has been continuously released, injecting strong digital intelligence energy into driving economic and social development.

02 Promote data aggregation, governance and orderly flow with application scenarios as the traction.

The Guide requires that "business applications drive data governance and orderly flow" and "increase innovation in government big data applications". Yi Hualu carries out the operation of data lake based on the integrated industrial development concept. On the basis of building the "one network unified management" system for urban operation and providing digital government services such as intelligent transportation and intelligent security, it faces the new needs of key regions and industries, expands the diversified application scenarios such as enterprise digital transformation and personal data service, follows the economies of scale to improve the universality of software, and follows the economies of scope to ensure software personalization, Improve the utilization rate of all kinds of hardware, promote data empowerment through technology integration and product innovation, and accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation of production, lifestyle, and social governance.

03 Break the institutional bottleneck and innovate the development and utilization mechanism of data elements.

The Guide proposes to "effectively break the institutional bottleneck that hinders the sharing and opening of government data" and "give priority to the opening of government data that is closely related to people's livelihood, is urgently needed by the society, and has significant value-added potential in the industry". Relying on the operation of the data lake and based on its technical advantages, Ehualu has strengthened the innovation of data asset ownership, evaluation and pricing, safe trading and regulatory models and supporting technical tools. On the one hand, innovate the data element utilization mechanism, form an innovative and forward-looking data financing business model, help the government break through the institutional bottleneck of government data sharing and opening, and effectively promote the safe circulation of data elements; On the other hand, it actively participated in the preparation and operation of local data exchanges, strongly supported the construction of regional data element markets, and enabled the whole society to jointly create and share the benefits of digital economy. The above actions have made beneficial contributions to China's promotion of the productization of data elements, the formation of new formats of data services, and the exploration and construction of a new capital market system based on data capitalization and securitization.

In addition, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the Opinions on Building a Data Base System to Better Play the Role of Data Elements. The "Twenty Data Elements" officially opened the curtain of China's transition from the recognition of data elements to the institutional innovation of data elements, which will lead China's data element market from spontaneous exploration to a new stage of normative exploration. As a central enterprise, Yi Hualu is duty-bound to play a key role in stimulating the vitality of the data element market and to be a reliable data service provider.

In 2023, by virtue of its business understanding, industrial resources and technical capabilities in the field of big data, Yi Hualu will build a value chain from data providers to data users, not only to become an excellent technical solution provider and transaction compliance sponsor, but also to become an excellent data value discoverer, and use digital technology to empower the tool revolution and decision-make revolution of economic society. Yi Hualu is willing to work with all walks of life to help accelerate the construction of the national integrated government big data system, fight and create together in the wave of digitalization, and strive to cultivate new momentum and shape new advantages for the country, not only bearing the rich gifts of the new era, but also the great mission of the new journey!