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Beijing E-Hualu Company was invited to participate in “2015 Ali Cloud Sharing Day X Yunqi Conference“

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      On July 22, 2015, Ali Cloud Sharing Day X Yunqi Conference was held in Beijing; the event is around the DT world’s ecology, six elements, enterprise-class Internet infrastructure, ecological security, the future technology and other topics; combined with 40 global cooperation ecology partners and industry leaders, it showed a pair of "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival" on DT era; Beijing E-Hualu company was invited to be exhibitor as an important partner of Ali cloud.


      In the event, with Hualu smart city operating platform as the basis, Beijing E-Hualu showed the smart urban operation management center, smart yunting and Blu-ray storage products which received praise of the guests. Beijing E-Hualu is China Hualu Group's holding company; China Hualu Group has the national most complete digital high-definition audio and video chain and the reputation of "China HD first brand". Developed by relying on Hualu self-owned Blu-ray technology, the unique high-capacity Blu-ray storage products will open a new model of data storage under the baptism of cloud computation and big data era.


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