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E-Hualu Chuangke Base was Established to Lead the Development by Innovation

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       In response to the development strategy of the national "public entrepreneurship and high innovation", on morning of July 30, 2015, Beijing E-Hualu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "E-Hualu") e + Chuangke incubation center was formally established in China Hualu Building, marking that Chuangke space of E-Hualu Company with industrial technology innovation as the core was announced to sail.


       E-Hualu e + Chuangke Incubation Center is the "multi-point supported and distinctive" active pilot center built by Shijingshan District Government in the aspect of public creation space. "Shichaung 20 pieces" proposed by Shijingshan District Government provides a good policy environment for e + Chuangke Incubation Center, rapidly accelerates development of Incubation Center from four levels of "providing innovative services for start-ups", "encouraging multi-channel financing for  start-ups", "encouraging entrepreneurship of entrepreneurial talent and improving related services" and "creating an innovative entrepreneurial atmosphere" and assists to achieve high-end green development of Shijingshan District and promote transfer of scientific and technological achievements.


       Beijing E-Hualu Company will make full use of platform resources of e + Chuangke Incubation Center to achieve real innovation in technology, products, marketing and management, give full play to E-Hualu people's Chuangke enthusiasm and take initiative to seize the new opportunity of "Internet +" and accelerate the transition to the Internet central enterprises.

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