Financial industry solutions 

Blu-ray record data security, in accordance with the cd-rom on the storage time is flying, at the same time using multiple optical drive parallel burn and reading data, increase in the speed of data transmission, and through own CD library management software, can automatically search the target data storage disc location, automatically by the manipulator to pick up, support for remote network access function, greatly convenient user data search and the financial industry management, effectively improve the level of business financial system and overall quality.

Financial data mainly includes user savings input information, transaction information, document scanning, POS data, data information, the mobile phone bank ATM machine information, electronic documents and monitoring image data, etc.

These data, the heat will frequently accessed data stored in the disk array of online storage, temperature will be important and not be frequently accessed data, cold data through the blu-ray discs in the library management software to keep the server cd-rom library near line and offline storage.


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