Intelligent transportation operation and maintenance service 

Project Background

     As there is an explosive growth in domestic intelligent transportation system construction, informatization has penetrated into every link of the value chain of intelligent traffic. Traffic management informatization and automation are combined together more closely. Technology leading and business driven work together. Information and business innovation has been deeply integrated. However, the IT information technology has greatly improved the efficiency of intelligent traffic management, while the following is that the management is lack of overall control to the intelligent transportation business. It is difficult for them to focus on higher level intelligent traffic data integration applications.

At present, the intelligent transportation system ill often encounter some common problems in the operation maintenance and management as the follows:

     I. Lack of effective management to the equipment and facilities;

     II. Lack of professional maintenance team;

     III. The system cannot give full play to its role;

     IV. The data has not been fully utilized.

Project concept

     “Urban intelligent transportation construction application service management” means that under the situation that there are not enough or lack of internal full-time service personnel, the public security and traffic management subcontract the intelligent management system built by the public security traffic management system, including applications of all the systems, office software and hardware, network and the maintenance, transformation, upgrading, and expansion of the internal and external facilities, to a company specialized in intelligent transportation construction operations service and management, so that the public security traffic management authority will have no worries about it.

Service purpose

     I. To reduce the management costs and improve management service level

     II. To coordinate the department business and improve the work efficiency

     III. To sort out the management process and achieve the needs of service coordination

     Combined with the characteristics of the existing environment, organization structure, information resources and management process of the Public Security Traffic Management Department and planning from the three aspects of process, personnel and technology to make the operational objectives, business needs coordinate with IT services.

Service target

     - Provide professional service management team for the public security traffic management;

     - To grasp and summarize all kinds of information in time, and show the availability and running status of the system resources;

     - Provide overall construction plan and suggestion for the public security traffic management department to provide.

     - To form a perfect application of operational service management standards.

Service concept

     Combined with our analysis, research and sorting to the different management needs of the traffic control department, the service concept of "intelligent transportation" is summarized as "a platform, three systems ". This is the core of operation service of the Yi Hualu intelligent traffic application.

     "A platform": operation service platform, which is the core tool of intelligent transportation operation service.

     Three systems: command center application service system, equipment application service system and internal management service system. They are the basis for the intelligent transportation operation service.

Service contents

     (i) Application operation service management platform

     (ii) Command center operation service system

     (iii) Equipment application operation service system

     (iv) Internal management and operation service system

Service effect

     Urban intelligent transportation service quality should be able to be customized and expanded according to the needs of public security traffic management departments at all levels. The quality and effect of the application services include:

     I. to improve the management capacity and service level of traffic management;

     II. to vigorously promote the process of intelligentialized transportation, to create a more secure traffic travel;

     III. to reduce the cost of traffic management and ease social employment pressure.

E-Hualu was invited to participate in Guiyang Traffic Big Data Incubator News Conference