Intelligent Bus Solutions 


Intelligent transportation entirety solution is a set of comprehensive informational management platform which could apply to China bus industry, which goes through  practical application . This solution is formed from procession of more than dozens of cities and dozens of bus enterprises and products and technology service provided by relevant government departments, and the solution combined with advanced mature technology, integration of advanced management concepts and on the basis of deeply understanding public transportation business requirement and characteristics of passenger transmit industry. It could optimize management model of public transportation, improve management level and operational efficiency of bus industry, reduce enterprise management cost, reduce operational cost, reduce operational security hazards, improve capability of transport, improve working efficiency, improve timeliness of operation, and perfect service faced to passengers, improve service level scientifically, to build technology  bus, humanity  bus, harmonious  busfully embody bus priority, advocate green travel.

This solution consists of several subsystems, covering every aspects of public transportation, involved in operational production, technical equipment, resource management, human resource, integrated office, etc. and based on thus to form entire solution of intelligent management of bus operator industry.

E-Hualu was invited to participate in Guiyang Traffic Big Data Incubator News Conference