Urban traffic management software system 


ATMS is facing toward urban traffic control field to provide normal command dispatch, holiday command dispatch, large activity traffic secure task and emergency command dispatch function to all levels of public security.

Carry out traffic accident rapid handling and process monitor through commanding and dispatching seats in normal dispatching aspect; complete inspection and handling of road situation/event/device/police of high incidence /key section through video monitor seats.

For holidays dispatching, aim at the business district, scenic spots, city link, high-way exits and other to develop traffic dispersion plan.

In the aspect of emergency response commanding and dispatching, start plan quickly based on accident type, forming diverging area on the incident point and the surrounding area, dispersion area and control area, to organize police for rapid deployment, and control field situation through mobile communication, video monitor and other technical method, adjust plan timely, to achieve rapid response, coordinated operation.


Traffic Information Management & Control Platform

Public security traffic control information platform is facing toward city/urban road traffic control field to realize a comprehensive task platform of information integration, share, and judgment. This platform provides situation monitoring, video patrol, information releasing, short-time judgment, information query and part task transaction and multi-task function.

Public security traffic control information platform support the unified user to login, each section provides interface display based on role, show level from [focus/ agency business] related to [detailed information/operation interface], highlighting the “initiative/intelligent management”, reflect associativity of business information and continuity of operation.



Traffic Control System

This system can realize the following function:

Intersection localization optimization control:scheduled program control, timetable program control, inductive automatic control

Section coordinating control:green wave control, regional center multi-objective optimal control, center schedule controls, dynamic options, etc.

Center and localization priority control:public transport priority, emergency vehicles priority, etc.

Optimization Strategies:Low peak (night) inductive control, optimal control of peak green, peak-cycle optimization control, traffic intersection the local Center for intervention.




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