Urban Traffic Management Solutions 

With the rapid promotion of urbanization and daily frequent action of economic and social life, urban traffic plays an important part in people's daily life. The disequilibrium of resource happens in pedestrian, vehicle, road, and environment. With the acute contradiction, traffic jam, traffic accident, driving hard, parking hard, traffic is becoming an outstanding problem.


The key way to improve urban traffic management is to let limited traffic resource to operation effectively. Our traffic solutions make all dredge control information flooding rapidly around all user group vehicle-loaded/shifting device, road-internet traffic control device construction, (part) center control platform by urban intelligent traffic control platform integrate traffic resource. Make the best of urban main-road  internet passing ability, balance sector internet passing loading and improve the traffic participates experience on the road to make sure the safety, order,smooth,less air pollution of the urban traffic environment.


Design idea

·             Field orientation

·             Three-dimensional application

·             Deterministic effect

·             Invisible application

·             Intelligent application

·             Standardized integration

·             Network application

·             Advanced technology

E-Hualu was invited to participate in Guiyang Traffic Big Data Incubator News Conference