Storage product solution 

In addition to the common NVR and IPSAN magnetic storage products, Hualu’s HD image storage products, relying on its own Blu-ray technology, have developed an unique storage product with high reliability and large storage capacity -Blu-ray disc library, Blu-ray disc library take the Blu-ray disc as the storage medium. Its reliable storage time is over 50 years. Storage capacity of single disc is 100G. Each CD box can be installed with 12 CD. Its storage capacity is 1.2t. Each disc library can be equipped with 90 CD box, with a total storage capacity of 108T. And you can expand the disc storage capacity by changing the optical disc box. Compared with the hard disk storage, its advantage are tamper resistant, anti virus, simple storage conditions, longer storage life, and lower power consumption. In storage of huge amounts of data for a long time, it has unattainable advantages than magnetic storage.

E-Hualu was invited to participate in Guiyang Traffic Big Data Incubator News Conference