Car cloud system solution 

In order to improve the data analysis and processing capability of the public security bayonet center, our company, relying on reliable Hadoop distributed storage system, has developed the "car cloud data analysis system based on distributed storage". The system as the plug-in system of the national motor vehicle monitoring and surveillance system, its design is based on the concept of "collect the water of traffic stream data to form the cloud of information service", based on the unified regulatory requirements and industry standards, with flexible expansibility and high reliability, based on the linear propagation characteristics of the main control machine and the node machine and it has powerful access performance and fast response characteristics, and can be used for large-scale cluster application.

The car cloud data analysis system based on distributed storage system is equipped with superior performance. It can achieve crime prevention and control in advance, alarm during its happening, and accurate query of traffic history data within the monitoring scope of any vehicle, alignment and running track playback on the GIS map, realize the deep application of pictures and images distributed storage, provide a powerful picture and image evidence for crime prevention and control, effectively curb vehicles fake licence plate, and increasing the comprehensive effect to investigate vehicle theft/ grab escaping accident and other illegal and criminal cases.

E-Hualu was invited to participate in Guiyang Traffic Big Data Incubator News Conference