Public security command center construction solution  

Public security command center is a comprehensive functional department for the public security organs at all levels to alarm answer, alarm handling, information study and judgment, decision-making reference, and commanding and dispatching integrated function department. It is a police command center to achieve rapid response and overall operations. It has become the leading department of the public security work and the public security organs’ rapid response. 

Public security command center construction solution provided by Yi Hualu aims to comprehensively improve the informatization level of the command center to realize professional judgments, intelligent analysis, scientific decision-making, effective command, and active service. Male the command center a really assistant decision think tank, the emergency reaction leader, command and control hub, policing judgment center and a window for mass service.

1. Public security command center integrated solution

Yi Hualu "public security emergency command center integrated solution" can be summarized as :

"One center", namely, the public security emergency command center, which is the core of the public security information construction.

"Two platforms", namely, the network exchange and sharing platform, video monitoring and sharing platform

"Four systems", namely, network transmission system, video surveillance system, video conference system and other auxiliary system

2. The flattening public security command platform

The flattening public security command platform proposed by Yi Hualu aims at establishing an advanced, practical, stable, efficient communication command platform, focusing on the IP exchange, through the core exchange equipment, communication server, integrated access gateway and external interconnection equipment to build a distributed, hierarchical unified communications system, and to achieve the voice, data, and video fusion scheduling communication. On this basis, further use the information technology and through the information fusion and situation processing to realize the integration of communication and command. Provide strong security and security to all types of public security users with daily work, emergency disposal and large-scale activities.

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