Smart and safe city solution 

Yi Hualu smart and safe city solution is based on all the polices. It is actual combat oriented, grassroots oriented, and service oriented. Its goal is to discover and prevent crime and improve the integrated prevention and control system of social security. Based on the existing security information platform and system, through the sharing and integration of information resources to supple and extent the information platform, police integrated platform, and command scheduling platform. So that it can meet the actual combat operation demands of all kinds of polices before, in or after the matter. Through the integration of various kinds of science and technology to realize a pattern with the characteristics of perception, automatic response, active service, and assistant decision, the formation of "a network with multi grids, a grid with multi points, one point start, multi point linkage, the whole network response" pattern.

Main construction content:

Yi Hualu smart and safe city solution can be summarized as: build a system, weaving two networks, improve three platforms, deploy four construction systems and construct five engineering. Among them:

One system, namely: social security protection system

Two networks, namely: city public security monitoring network, road security monitoring network

Three platforms, namely: command platform, information platform, storage platform

Four systems, namely: car cloud system, image reconnaissance and analysis system, police situation analysis and judgment system, and equipment operation and maintenance system

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