Smart Economic System 

Smart Economic System

Smart Business Project

Wisdom business project for local services and emerging industries, to business resources integration, propaganda and sales management, industry coordinated and integrated service. Including "one center, eight system" construction, for citizens, enterprises and the government to provide "wisdom business" service ability, important support for the long-term development of urban economy.

Smart Park Project

Draw lessons from the advanced experience of domestic wisdom park construction, construction to wisdom means "a base, two platforms and four systems", dominated by the park management, service business, people-oriented the wisdom of the park.

Smart Tourism Project

Establish "one center, four systems" of the "wisdom tourism" project, which based on the wisdom tourism data center, and promote the tourism service system, wisdom tourism marketing system, culture system of tourism, wisdom tourism supervision system construction, improve the management of the functions of the city tourism services, tourism enterprise's marketing ability, offers visitors the "wisdom tourism" service ability, provide information support for the long-term development of urban tourism economy.

Smart Agricultural Engineering

Wisdom agriculture construction should take the social economic and ecological benefits, realizing the agricultural produce wisdom, wisdom, rural ecological nature of peasants' living, the agricultural management level and production efficiency etc., make the broad masses of peasants enjoy the wisdom agriculture will bring more benefits and convenience. Wisdom agricultural engineering construction mainly contains "one center, three big platform, 16 big system".

Smart Industrial Engineering  

Wisdom industrial engineering, mainly to establish "one platform, four system", is "to promote informatization and industrialization depth fusion" of specific performance, from r&d, design, manufacture, transport, service to the economic index analysis and so on each link, drive the transformation and upgrading of industries, and formed the industrial chain polymerization effectively, promote the advanced stage of manufacture process step by step to becoming an information based society development.

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