Smart civil system 

Smart civil system 

Intelligent Traffic Engineering

Intelligent traffic engineering, on the basis of information collection, intelligent traffic control as the core, the information service oriented, with "a project, a center, ten system" for the construction content, to achieve "smooth traffic" and "traffic safety".

Safe City Project

On the basis of the original security system to strengthen and expand and extend through "to construct a system, weaving two network, improve the three platforms, the deployment of four systems, the construction of five engineering", the formation of the "network more, one more, a trigger, a multipoint linkage, so the response" pattern, improve the ability of preventing and combating illegal crime.

Smart Urban Management Project

system, around the streets, the markets, facilities, environment, construction and other fields, based on the city's perception of the network, as well as the city video sharing project, through business accepts the underground pipe system, supervision and direction system, supervision system, fire hazard supervision system, in front of three packs of regulatory system, construction management monitor system, river lake regulatory facilities and 24 the construction of the system, realize wisdom city management socialization, sophisticated, streamline.

Smart Community Project

"Intelligence community" including government extension engineering community, intelligent property projects, smart home project, culture education project, health service project, and peace community endowment service engineering project, for the community residents, community managers and related institutions three types of users to provide intelligence service, promoting the harmonious community construction, improve the masses' satisfaction.

Smart Education Project Smart Healthcare Proejct

Smart Environmental Project

Wisdom education project with "a platform support, two, three, four engineering" as the core, the comprehensive construction of city network, digital, personalization and intelligent system of modern education.

Smart Land Project

Wisdom of medical engineering construction, with "one center, six big platform for the construction content, namely regional medical data center, basic medical and health platform, the public health service platform, medical service supervision platform, remote medical service platform, information platform of medical imaging, county-level regional health information platform. Realize large medical institutions and health condition improved, great capacity of medical and health care, medical and health care career development goals.

Smart Water Conservancy Project 

Wisdom water engineering overall summarized as "a system platform, the big six", through the construction of backbone network, covering the whole city's water conservation informatization to build on the basis of geographic information system of information integrated platform, realize the provincial, city and county level 3 water conservancy information sharing, accelerate the water management, flood control and drought relief command scheduling application system construction, enhance the level of water conservancy informationization in an all-round way.

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