Guarantee system in basic information 

Public basic database project 

The data shall be managed and utilized well through deep development and extensive use of information resource and basic data, thus urban operation management level, the efficiency and quality of related decision-making may be improved.

Public basic information database project of “smart city” will expedite the establishment of 3 databases in the following and form information resource sharing database.

Cloud computing data center project

Through the establishment of cloud computing data center, the urban cloud computing service capacity can be enhanced, demonstration application of cloud computing can be promoted vigorously and the landing capability of “smart city” project group can be acquired. Four platforms are established in cloud computing data center to realize all-round management in cloud computing, information storage, industrial application,safety and disaster recovery of big data resource.

Internet of Thingsinfrastructure construction

Through video surveillance,RFID,sensor and Internet of Things technologies, important infrastures, public transport means and key city components may be perceived and monitored so as to establish a basic environment for citywide Internet of Things, realize “thorough perception” and lay a solid foundation for “smart city”.

Network infrastructure project 

Firstly the integrated establishment of multiple networks like telecommunication network,broadcast television network, Internet of Things and wireless broadband network is advanced quickly.

Secondly the implementation strategy of the State Council“Broadband China”is responded by promoting the implementation of broadband Internet speed raising project with the purpose of raising speed, popularization and price cut.

Thirdly the establishment of “wireless city” and citywide wireless broadband network shall be advanced to provide the public with premium wireless communication and network service, provide governments, enterprises and institutions with wireless technical support, such as mobile service, mobile office and mobile law enforcement. 

E-Hualu was invited to participate in Guiyang Traffic Big Data Incubator News Conference