Enterprise Advantage 

Idea Advantage

We have the unique research center, which is engaged in smart city industry development, it researches construction mode and construction content of smart city, we have taken part in plenty of smart city regulation for local government, in the meanwhile, we also have ITS industry development research center.

Technical Superiority

We have Academia Sinica, Beijing R&D center, Dalian R&D center, China Hualu smart city industry development research center and China Hualu ITS industry development research center, five research agency, which have technical precipitation in transportation, culture, medical treatment,education,and other regiones. We have Cloud Computing, Internet Of Things, Optical Storage, Satellite Communication, Transportation Perception, Transportation Control And Information Service, etc. a series of core technology in domestic and international market.

Financial Advantages

China Hualu group is directly owned by SASAC with the strong financial advantage, and the affiliated company E-hualu, which has gone public, has good financing channel in capital market, it provides adequate safeguards for smart city construction capital.

Service Advantages

We have more than 200 operation experience of governmental project in China, and we have set subsidiary company in the major city, so we can take response and service for city management, construction and operation experience quickly.

E-Hualu was invited to participate in Guiyang Traffic Big Data Incubator News Conference