Blu-ray storage  

In recent years, China Hualu comprehensively understand and grasp the national strategies and policies of the construction of the large data; Actively improve the blu-ray Hualu big data storage top design; Innovative construction mode; Strongly ramming blu-ray storage service.

In 2014, the product in television, cloud computing, smart city and so on various exhibitions successively, received extensive attention from all walks of life, and won the electronic commerce association awarded the "2014 China top 10 new electronic products" title.

In 2015, the market in full swing, engaged in industry procurement tenders.The product has the winning multiple industries, many enterprises procurement tender, such as "Thr blu-ray disc library project of ICBC ", "The blu-ray disc library procurement project of China geological survey research center ", "The blu-ray disc library storage system project of chengdu radio and video culture communication co., LTD", "The aviation industry archives of intelligent optical disc storage management system project", "Huaxia bank system software and hardware complement resources project", "Shengjing bank cd-rom database backup system construction project", etc.

 In 2016, Hualu optical storage institute co., LTD. established, is committed to data storage industry technical standards, senior industry experts and technical personnel, to build big data storage system solution services platform, contributing to the era of big data in various areas information construction strength.



E-Hualu was invited to participate in Guiyang Traffic Big Data Incubator News Conference