Operation Philosophy 

Business philosophy

Grasp the government social management innovation needs

Combining the financial capital and industrial capital

Giving full play to the advantages of state

Through the industrial chain

Realize leap-forward development

Investment philosophy

The middle service, support local

Project model introduced


Concept advantage, technology advantage, financial advantage and service advantage


BT: English Build - Transfer (construction, Transfer). The government use of nongovernmental capital construction of some of the infrastructure project of a way of investment.

BOT: English Build Operate - Transfer the abbreviation of (the construction, management, Transfer). Refers to the government through the contract award enterprise in a certain period of charter franchise, the franchise expires, the infrastructure is not handed over to the government's investment.

BLT: English Build - Lease - the Transfer of the abbreviation of (building - Lease - Transfer). Developers in the project after the completion of the project at a certain rent leased to the government, run by the government, authorization expires, then project assets transferred to the government's approach to investing.

PPP: English Public - private Partnership cooperation mode (company). Is one of the public infrastructure project financing mode, in this mode, encourage private enterprise, cooperating with the government, private capital participation in the construction of public infrastructure.

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